UConn Faith Statement on the
Israeli, Palestinian, and Middle Eastern Conflict

As Faith Leaders in UConn Faith, we stand united in our belief in human dignity, peace, love and compassion. We firmly believe that a pathway to peace can be achieved through embracing tolerance, understanding and mutual acceptance.

It is with deep concern and sadness that we witness the current tragic and senseless loss of innocent lives in the Israeli, Palestinian, and Middle Eastern conflict. We recognize that on both sides of any conflict all lives have intrinsic value; we are all part of the human family. We assert that the shared belief in the human right to live and worship according to one’s conscience is the foundation upon which unity and collaboration are built.

We welcome the opportunity to engage in dialogue with the University community to advance a message of peace.

Together we pray for the end of violence today and always. May all that are affected know peace.

This statement was created through Interfaith Dialogue involving Jewish, Muslim, Catholic and Christian Faith Leaders and supported by members of UConn Faith which include:

  • The Islamic Center UConn
  • UConn Hillel
  • St. Thomas Aquinas / The Catholic Center at UConn
  • Spirit and Truth Apostolic Church
  • Reformed University Fellowship
  • International Christian Fellowship
  • Three Hierarchies Greek Orthodox Church
  • First Baptist Church of Mansfield
  • St. Mark’s Episcopal Chapel
  • Storrs Congregational Church
  • St. Paul’s Collegiate Church
  • St. Timothy's Church
  • Graduate Christian Fellowship
  • The Navigators

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